See You Again 加德满都-百度全景尼泊尔古迹复原行动

"See you again, Kathmandu" A global initiative to virtually restore the historic buildings of Nepal, following the April 2015 earthquake Sponsored by Baidu

4月25日14时11分,尼泊尔发生了里氏8.1级地震,处于加德满都等地的古建筑群遭到了严重损毁。29日,中国互联网公司百度对外宣布发起“See You Again,加德满都”百度全景尼泊尔古迹复原行动,开辟专门的图片上传渠道,收集全世界游客在尼泊尔拍摄的照片资料,并通过百度地图全景技术对遭到损坏的尼泊尔古迹进行数字化三维还原,让还没来得及亲眼看到的用户也可以一睹这些历史建筑曾经的辉煌。

At 2:11 PM on the afternoon of April 25, 2015, a magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck Nepal. Along with a devastating loss of life, many ancient buildings in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal were severely damaged. On April 29, Chinese Internet company Baidu launched an initiative called "See You Again, Kathmandu," which aims to restore the damaged buildings of Nepal in 3D by crowdsourcing photos by tourists and residents using Baidu Maps panorama technology. This will enable users who haven't been to Nepal to see these historic cultural treasures as they were before the tragic earthquake. If you've been to Nepal and have pictures you can contribute, we urge you to upload them.